Stronger Than Hate Challenge Winners Gallery



The 2022 Stronger Than Hate Challenge winners will be announced in the Fall of 2022. Check back to learn about their projects.

2021 Winning Entries

Where Were You?

Madhalasa used her voice to tell an oral story to counter the hate and discrimination she’s seen in an effort to inspire others so that history does not repeat itself.

Being Stronger Than Hate

Ramaa wrote a poem that inspires people to spread love, kindness and positivity in the world. She hopes her poem encourages readers to reflect on how their actions can make a difference.

Through Our Eyes

Aneesa created this poem to help inspire finding the root of an issue or problem to transform society for the better. She desires to use her platform to amplify voices on all different kinds of issues.

2020 Winning Entries

Conquering Hate Through Testimony

Emma F. from San Clemente High School located in San Clemente, CA created an artistic multi-media project depicting a hand-drawn mural of George Floyd with the words “you can’t conquer hate with hatred.” As Emma stated in her submission, the piece connects the “current situations in the United States of racism to what has happened throughout history. So many of the genocide survivors’ stories have strong similarities to what is occurring today,” said Emma.

The Strength in Love

Vaishnavi M. from R.J. Grey Junior High School located in Acton, MA demonstrated the power of positivity through art. “As shown in my painting, hate is like a fire burning everything in its path. It affects everyone, even the people spewing the hate. There is no strength in hate, but instead a lot of strength in mercy and compassion,” said Vaishnavi. “So, if hate is like fire, then love is like the water that puts it out," explained Vaishnavi.

No Longer Silent

Anayla W. from Episcopal High School located in Houston, TX used testimony to raise awareness about the “whole side to history that people never talk about,” said Anayla. “Especially during times like these, I like to have open conversations with people… I like to speak to others and share my experiences in life to enlighten others.”

2019 Winning Entries

Learning to Love

Students from Monte Vista High School in Danville, California hosted a community speaking event to foster conversations about diversity in their school in an effort to prove how individuals can change their behavior to help combat hate.

Choosing Kindness Over Hate

Students from Jeannette Senior High School in Jeanette, PA created ‘Choose Kind,’ a student-led initiative that used fundraisers, the creation of an anti-hate mural, and community pledges to demonstrate that kindness is more powerful than hate.

Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Students from Renaissance Academy in Phoenixville, PA hosted workshops for teachers at their school to educate them about the different challenges students face on a daily basis related to sexuality, race, religion as well as solutions for how to address these situations.

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